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Master Program for Shoreline Development

City of Tacoma Comprehensive Plan Chapter 8

City of Tacoma Comprehensive Plan Chapter 10

City of Tacoma Comprehensive Plan Chapter 11

Tacoma Municipal Code 13.10.100

Tacoma Municipal Code
Title 4: Harbor

WA Shoreline Management Act

City of Tacoma Global Warming Resolution


Our Board:

Lara Herrmann, President

Lara Herrmann is a partner and senior attorney at Herrmann Scholbe.  A human rights and environmental activist at heart, Lara is one of the founders of Walk the Waterfront.  As a long time resident of Tacoma and business owner, she is an advocate for protecting the quality and accessibility of the waterfront for the community.  Lara believes that Tacoma's Waterfront is the soul of the city, and hopes that one day instead of only jogging the 2 miles along Ruston Way with her baby stroller, she will be able to jog from Pt. Defiance Park all the way to downtown Tacoma along the waterfront. Email Lara

Rick Rose, Vice President

Rick came to Pacific Lutheran University from the Tri-Cities and has stayed on the west side. An avid cross-country and alpine skier and Ironman Triathlete, Rick runs, bicycles and hikes year-round. He is a senior telecommunications consultant providing technical design support across the Americas. Rick is a second generation bike/pedestrian path advocate.

Dmitri Keating

Dmitri Keating is co-founder and part owner of Old Town Bicycle. He is an avid cyclist who rides year round and competes in the fall and winter when he is not busy at the shop. Dmitri has traveled to many parts of the USA and has seen great pedestrian/bike paths around the nation. He knows Tacoma is ready for some improvements in the availability of paths in the city and sees Walk the Waterfront as a great way to continue the process of revitalizing the waterfront between downtown and Point Defiance park.


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